About Fly by Night Dance

Performance and Teaching Residencies

Improvisational Aerial Dance Workshops

Somatic Dance Workshops

  • Students experience our somatic approach to Aerial Dance through improvisational structures that allow all levels of skills to join  in.
  • Evening-length performances allow students to see where the work can go.

contact us: info@flybynightdance.org

Fly-by-Night Dance Theater is a Modern Dance company committed to stretching the boundaries of Aerial Dance into expressive territory. The Airborne Festival is the company’s 8th Aerial Dance Evening showcasing aerial artists who have the same aim. The company has also done numerous college dance residencies and has produced 13 seasons of work and numerous Free-for-Kids Projects, allowing audience members 18 years of age and under to attend free performances and workshops. Fly-by-Night is committed to diversity amongst in its community; scholarship auditions for dancers of color are offered annually as a way to diversify their classes and community.

Top Photo: Roberto Machado