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Life Lines 1 (excerpt from Where Shall I Send My Joys?)
Running Time: 2:53
Director/Choreographer: Julie Ludwick / Fly-by-Night Dance Theater
Cinematographer/Editor/Sound Design: Cristobal Vivar
Dancers: Cecilia Fontanesi, Maia Ramnath, Julie Ludwick

Passages (excerpt from evening-length work)
Running Time: 4:24
Conceived, Choreographed and Directed by Julie Ludwick
Edited by Cristobal Vivar
Director of Photography: Bianca Falco
Composer/Arranger Ken Pierson
Costumes Jane Cathryn Shaw
Dying Elder – Robert Davidson
Grandmother – Rachel Duvall
Siblings: Older – Janet Aisawa, Middle – Julie Ludwick, Younger – Kirstin Dahmer
Grandchildren – Rojo Vivar (film only), Tamara Figueroa
The Guide – Michael Fulvio
Community Musicians – Ken Pierson, James Seeley, Joe Tucker

Two Film Projects: Confinement and Unfolding
Director/Choreographer/Dancer/Editor: Julie Ludwick
Special thanks: shot with the assistance of Julie Turner and Corian Ellisor with supervision by Brian Davis.